Ringvorlesung "Cultures of Celebrity"

Do 18.15-19.45h; Gastvorträge zu Lord Byron, W.H. Auden, Goethe, Clara Schumann...

Die Ringvorlesung "Cultures of Celebrity" beinhaltet einige Gastvorträge, die Aspekte der Biographik im Zusammenhang mit Celebrity behandeln:

Do, 18.15h - 19.45h

Unterrichtsraum Anglistik
Unicampus Altes AKH Hof 8.3

Celebrity is, without doubt, one of the most ubiquitous features of contemporary Western media culture. As such, it has attracted an extensive amount of multi-disciplinary scholarship that has responded to the need to theorise and historically contextualise an all-pervasive concept and cultural phenomenon. This lecture series brings together internationally renowned scholars from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, whose contributions will explore the shifting meanings, functions, and manifestations of ‘celebrity’ in different historical contexts, social fields, and media. The themes addressed cover a broad spectrum, including the historical origins of modern celebrity culture; the mediation and appropriation of literary celebrity and its archival, biofictional, and filmic afterlives; the slippery boundaries between on- and off-screen celebrity; and the construction and circulation of celebrity through digital media. Theoretically and methodologically diverse, the talks will cast a critical spotlight on the industry and media processes that inform the production and consumption of celebrity and raise questions about cultural iconicity, gender representation, individual agency, and the role of audiences and mediator figures.



Dr. Sandra Mayer, Institut für Anglistik